Scalar Chain Principle of Management (Explained)

Principle of Scalar Chain

The principle of scalar chain refers to an unbroken line of authority from top-to-bottom or bottom to top that ensures effective follow of information in the organization.

To this principle, in the organization, there should be a clear path or specific chain for communication. The chain defines the path through which information will be conveyed to the desired person.

Fayol emphasized the scalar chain should be strictly followed while communicating the information. This ensures a clear path through which information is delivered, facilitates clear communication, and is an effective way to transmit messages.

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It certainly reduces the confusion on how information should be communicated. Every employee can be free from authority and communication problems as they quickly transmit the desired information without delay. It provides a clear system for communication.

As it is effective, but consumes time to get the message transmitted. In case of emergencies, this might not fit. So Fayol introduced the concept of “Gang Plank”.

Gang Plank in scalar chain refers to a facility in which a person can directly communicate with the next person at the same level. This concept is introduced to best work in emergency situations. Here, if two executives have to communicate in an emergency situation they can directly communicate with each other they do not need to follow every step of the communication chain.

Advantages of Scalar Chain:

  • A scalar chain facilitates the effective flow of information.
  • Since a clear line of authority is introduced it reduces confusion among the organizational members.
  • Systematic communication in the workplace.
  • Helps the organizational goals realized.
  • This may reduce mistakes that occur because of the unclear communication path.

Results of avoiding Scalar Chain:

  • A systematic communication chain may not be developed.
  • The required information may not reach the destination at the time.
  • The information may be altered in the process.
  • This might increase confusion among employees as to how to communicate with each other.

Disadvantages of Scalar Chain:

  • This might not best fit every employee because most do not want to follow strict rules.
  • It is time-consuming.

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