Discipline Principle of Management (Explained)

Discipline Principle

The discipline principle of management means respecting the rules and regulations of the organization and behaving the way the organization wants to.

Discipline is one of Fayol’s 14 principles of management. Fayol’s emphasized that discipline in the organization is a must for organizational success. Regardless of position, level, or whether he is top level or lower level everyone should equally be disciplined to the workplace’s guidelines.

A disciplined working environment is essential to develop a sense of self-responsibility among employees. Self-responsibility internally motivates employees to do tasks in the best possible way. A manager should try to establish a working environment where given procedures and rules can be followed with ease.

When a sense of discipline or self-responsibility is assumed by employees, it leads to the smooth functioning of the organization and the efficient achievement of organizational goals. Some employees may be self-disciplined and some may not.

The manager should focus on making disciplined to undisciplined employees. The manager should encourage them, motivate them, facilitates rewards, and punish them if they don’t change their attitude towards work.

The top-level managers are especially responsible to build a disciplined environment in the organization. Doing so they must not forget they too need to be disciplined. They need to be disciplined first which may inspire subordinate employees to be disciplined too.

Advantages of Discipline Principle:

  • A disciplined working environment could be created.
  • A sense of self-responsibility among employees may be generated.
  • There might not be any cost to motivate and encourage employees.
  • Promotes efficient achievement of goals.
  • No conflicts.
  • A good relationship between managers and employees.
  • Harmony may be achieved.

Results of Avoiding this Principle:

  • It might increase conflicts between employees and managers.
  • No disciplined working environment means efficiency in work may not be achieved.
  • Managers always have to work on creating a disciplined working environment.
  • The given rules, regulations, and policies of the organization will be ignored.

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