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What is a Marketer? Definition, Purpose, Skills, and Roles & Responsibilities

A Marketer

Who do you think is a person of a company who passes the information about its products or services to people? Is it a marketer? Let’s find out. What is a Marketer? Or, Who is a Marketer? A marketer is a person who is responsible for passing information about a company’s products to people, influencing … Read more

What is Social Responsibility? Definition, Types, Areas, Examples, and Pros/Cons

Social Responsibility

Do you think companies have to contribute to society, think, and act upon the welfare of society? Or, their goal should be just achieving profit maximization? Let’s find out what the social responsibility of business has to say about this. What is Social Responsibility? Social responsibility means that businesses in the course of achieving organizational … Read more

What is Labelling? Definition, Types, Components, Importance, and Examples

Product Labelling

The product itself is not identifiable about what it is, who made it, what benefits it provides, etc. Labelling has an important role in making the product more recognizable and identifiable. Let’s understand what labelling is, its types, functions, and importance. What is Labelling? A label is any tag or identification mark attached to a … Read more

Organizational Behavior: Definition, Features, Importance, and Challenges/Opportunities

organizational behavior

What is Organizational Behavior (OB)? Organizational behavior (OB) is made up of two words organization and behavior. First of all, an organization is a purposeful assembly of people who bring diverse skills, abilities, knowledge, and backgrounds to work together in a coordinated manner toward common goals. It serves as a collaborative environment where individuals contribute … Read more

What is Management By Objectives (MBO)? Definition, Objective, Process, Success Factors, and Pros/Cons

Management By Objectives

For the productivity and greater performance of the organization efficient management of employees and other resources is essential. MBO works as a strategic tool to align employees’ and management efforts and goals in the same direction. Management By Objectives (MBO) is similar to participative management but it is more than that. Let’s discuss what the … Read more

Delegation of Authority: Definition, Features, Process, Principles, Importance, Barriers, and Ways To Overcome

Delegation of Authority

In our personal life, when we have too much work to do we transfer some of our responsibility to others say, brothers or sisters. While transferring the responsibility we also give the required right to make decisions so that the brother can make necessary decisions on his end to do the task efficiently. This is … Read more

What is Product Life Cycle (PLC)? Definition, Stages, Strategies, Importance, and Examples

Product life cycle

There was a time where CDs, VCRs, and Typewriters were the most popular. But today in the 21st century they have become outdated. This is one of the best examples of a product life cycle (PLC). So, what is the product life cycle (PLC), what are its stages, and why it is important, let’s find … Read more