Process Barrier In Communication

What is Process Barrier in Communication? Definition and Types

What is Process Barrier in Communication?

Process barrier in communication refers to a barrier that disturbs the different stages of the communication process from being successfully communicated. In other words, if the information is not transmitted appropriately because of the ineffectiveness of the communication process such barriers or obstacles are known as process barriers.

Following the steps of the communication process is desirable for effective and successful communication. However, different obstacles may arise during the process. Some types of process barriers to communication are mentioned below:

Excessive Use of Symbols

Encoding is an important step of the communication process where the sender tries to make the message in the form understandable to receivers. But when the sender uses excessive symbols while encoding the message this creates difficulty for the receiver to understand.

As such the sender should encode the message by using appropriate symbols and characters that will be understandable to the receivers.

Fear and Mistrust

For successful communication, it is necessary that the sender and receiver should have trust and understanding between them. If the sender fears or mistrusts the receiver and vice versa, communication can not be effective.

As such the environment of fear and mistrust between the sender and receiver can create difficulties in the communication process.

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Lack of Feedback

Lack of user i.e. receiver feedback and follow-up also create barriers in the communication process. Feedback is necessary to ensure the success and effectiveness of communication.

As a sender, when the receiver receives the message and decodes it you should ask him whether or not he has understood the main spirit of the message. Following up and working on the feedback of receivers is an effective way to make communication successful.

Lack of Openness and Frankness

Organizations should also be places where employees have the openness to express their feelings. In addition, frankly, the workplace further increases the interest of employees in the organization. As such the lack of openness and frankness in the organizational climate can also be a problem for the communication process.

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