Organizational Barrier in Communication

What is an Organizational Barrier to Communication? Definition and Causes

What is Organizational Barrier?

An organizational barrier of communication refers to the barrier that occurs because of the failure of the organization to maintain the flow of information within the organization. Such barriers may occur because of organizational beliefs and systems.

In simple words, organizational barriers are those organizations’ deficiencies that create problems in the sharing of information among and between the organizational members. The following are some of the common causes of organizational barriers to communication.

Causes of Organizational Barriers to Communication

Organizational Policies

For effective communication within the organization, there should be an appropriate communication policy. The top management should outline communication guidelines among the members of the organization. Because in the absence of such a supportive policy by the management information can not flow smoothly.

Lengthy Scalar Chain

The scalar chain refers to the unbroken line of authority from bottom to top or top to bottom in the organizational hierarchy. It is essential to maintain an effective flow of information in the organization.

However, because of the inappropriate scalar chain or lengthy scalar chain, the flow of communication gets disturbed which causes barriers in communication.

Inappropriate Organizational Structure

An organizational structure defines how organizational activities should be directed and done to achieve organizational objectives. It defines how an organization’s system should be, how many levels should be there, how information should flow, etc.

For instance, if there are more levels of management than required, with more levels the information may get delayed the message gets changed during the process and the receiver would not receive the right message.

Organizational Facilities

Organizational facilities are the resources, equipment, or mechanical devices that are used to communicate within and outside the organization. Such as speaking devices telephones and written devices letters, notices, etc. are common in organizations to communicate with employees.

Lack of Clear Roles and Responsibilities

The organizational system defines the roles and responsibilities of each employee in the organization. For the effectiveness of organizational performance, everyone needs to be clear about their roles and responsibilities in goal achievement. As such a failure to communicate with employees about their roles and responsibilities also create a problem.

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