Organizational Behavior: Definition, Features, Importance, and Challenges/Opportunities

organizational behavior

What is Organizational Behavior (OB)? Organizational behavior (OB) is made up of two words organization and behavior. First of all, an organization is a purposeful assembly of people who bring diverse skills, abilities, knowledge, and backgrounds to work together in a coordinated manner toward common goals. It serves as a collaborative environment where individuals contribute … Read more

What is Management By Objectives (MBO)? Definition, Objective, Process, Success Factors, and Pros/Cons

Management By Objectives

For the productivity and greater performance of the organization efficient management of employees and other resources is essential. MBO works as a strategic tool to align employees’ and management efforts and goals in the same direction. Management By Objectives (MBO) is similar to participative management but it is more than that. Let’s discuss what the … Read more

Delegation of Authority: Definition, Features, Process, Principles, Importance, Barriers, and Ways To Overcome

Delegation of Authority

In our personal life, when we have too much work to do we transfer some of our responsibility to others say, brothers or sisters. While transferring the responsibility we also give the required right to make decisions so that the brother can make necessary decisions on his end to do the task efficiently. This is … Read more

What is Product Life Cycle (PLC)? Definition, Stages, Strategies, Importance, and Examples

Product life cycle

There was a time where CDs, VCRs, and Typewriters were the most popular. But today in the 21st century they have become outdated. This is one of the best examples of a product life cycle (PLC). So, what is the product life cycle (PLC), what are its stages, and why it is important, let’s find … Read more

What Makes a Manager Good? 16 Qualities of a Good Manager (Explained)

Qualities of a Good Manager

Qualities of a Good Manager What makes a manager good? Being a manager means accepting the responsibilities and authority to execute the given tasks. Every manager needs to have the necessary skills and qualities to achieve organizational interests effectively. Good managers have the potential to change the future of the organization for the better. The … Read more

What is PESTLE (+G) Analysis? Definition, Components, Importance, Examples, & Pros/Cons

PESTLE Analysis

Suppose you made a product you thought people would like and distributed it to the market. But you did not get the expected sales or expected results. After some time you realize that you have successfully wasted your money, efforts, and time. This is what happens when you launch a new product or expand your … Read more

What is an Organizational Structure? Definition, Objectives, Components, Types, and Importance

Organizational Structure

Every organization’s success or failure is directly proportionate to how its activities are managed. How organizational activities are directed toward the achievement of organizational goals determines whether or not the goals will be achieved. The process of outlining how the activities should work is considered an organizational structure. Let’s understand it in detail. What is … Read more