Delegation of Authority: Definition, Features, Process, Principles, Importance, Barriers, and Ways To Overcome

Delegation of Authority

In our personal life, when we have too much work to do we transfer some of our responsibility to others say, brothers or sisters. While transferring the responsibility we also give the required right to make decisions so that the brother can make necessary decisions on his end to do the task efficiently. This is … Read more

What is an Organizational Structure? Definition, Objectives, Components, Types, and Importance

Organizational Structure

Every organization’s success or failure is directly proportionate to how its activities are managed. How organizational activities are directed toward the achievement of organizational goals determines whether or not the goals will be achieved. The process of outlining how the activities should work is considered an organizational structure. Let’s understand it in detail. What is … Read more

What is Management? Definition, Features, Functions, Principles, Importance, & Challenges


Daily one or many organizations are being established. They operate for a few years successfully but most are failing. In most cases, their failure is the result of the mismanagement of resources they have or inefficient management practices. Here, I will explain everything about management, what is it, what are its principles, levels, functions, and … Read more

What is Motivation? Definition, Features, Types, Importance, Theories, and Strategies


When every member of an organization contributes to organizational performance to the fullest, the organization becomes effective. The capacity and willingness of a workgroup’s members to work, as well as the technologies they utilize, determine how successfully an employee and their workgroups perform inside the organization. Ability depends on training, experience, and knowledge, whereas willingness … Read more

9 Types of Conflict Found in the Organization [Explained]

Types of Conflict

Types of Conflict Conflict is natural in organizations. Types of conflict are broadly classified into two bases – involvement and reasons for conflicts. As such, types of conflicts in the workplace can be presented below: Types of Conflict Based on Involvement Based on involvement i.e. who is involved in the conflict, the conflict can be … Read more

What is a Team? Definition, Features, Types, Stages, and Strategies To Manage


What is a Team? A team is a group of people having complementary skills who work together to achieve a common goal. Teams are special forms of groups of people with special and complementary skills. All team members have a common goal, think of a football team – all members have the same goal i.e. … Read more

What is a Group? Definition, Features, Types, Stages, and Reasons For Joining


What is a Group? A group is a collection of two or more people who come together and work together to achieve common objectives. These groups consist of individuals who interact and depend on one another and share a common attitude toward at least one goal. There can be several purposes for formulating groups as … Read more