11 Importance of Coordination in the Organization (Explained)

Importance of Coordination

Coordination is the essence of management – it is as important as management is important for organizational success. It ensures that all the working factors of the company work in the same direction in order to achieve goals effectively.

Following are some of the importance of coordination in management or organization you can find. They are:

Unity in Action

It is believed that an individual employee’s effort is not as effective as the group’s effective. He can not perform all the organizational tasks and succeed in attaining desired goals.

The importance of coordination is felt when the collective effort of employees is needed to effectively pursue the desired goals. It is an effective tool to integrate teams of employees into one basket, leads them in the same direction, and increases the possibility of pursuing what your organization needs.

Effective Utilization of Resources

Organizational resources are used to operate the organization’s activities. Their proper functioning is needed all over the organization. Every department, employee, and organizational unit is needed to work properly.

Coordination ensures employees do not engage in different activities rather it brings them together providing clear goals and the right order of other organizational resources.

Minimization of Waste and Time

By effectively utilizing the organizational resources coordination reduces the waste of resources and time employees take in implementation. Proper distribution of the right resource to the right place certainly results in no wastage and with effective HRM practice employees do their work effectively.

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Coordination is conscious and deliberate effort managers take in the organization. It integrates the organization’s plans and strategies with resources and cooperation mean the willingness of people to help each other.

Coordination and cooperation need to go on hand in hand because the absence of cooperation may disappoint employees and vice versa.

Encourage Team Spirit

Team spirit refers to collective behavior people show in teamwork in the course of achieving common goals. Coordination encourages team spirit in the workplace. It motivates, develops the feeling of togetherness among the employees, and enables them to work together to the achievement of common goals or be the best team.

Lesser Conflicts and Disputes

It is obvious that when there are clear duties and responsibilities arranged, adequate authority is given, adequate resources are provided to execute the task, cooperation is built and team spirit is established it certainly minimized conflicts and motivates employees to perform better.

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However, conflict is an inevitable aspect of workplace coordination gives continuous efforts to reduce them for a better working environment to create.


You certainly do not work in an organization where your personal goal is ignored and you are forced only to accomplish the organization’s goals. This creates employee dissatisfaction and turnover.

Coordination ensures that in the process of the company’s goals achievement, the employee’s goals should also be achieved. It reconciles employees’ personal goals and organizational goals. Which results in better employee satisfaction and great devotion.

Increased Productivity

It is said that when employees are motivated and satisfied they perform more even if they are given fewer resources and time. Coordination ensures that creating the working environment in a way where all the elements of the firm stay coordinated and their collective efforts result in more than the expectation.

Builds Synergy

It is a fact that the combined efforts of two people are always greater than those working separately. Synergy indicates that 2+2 is greater than 4. Coordination effectively combines the group efforts of the organization which results in achieving greater synergy.

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Essance of Management

It is well believed that coordination is the essence of management.

Essential functions of management (planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling) are fundamental to achieving the company’s goals. And, effective coordination is needed in all of these functions to make them work better.

Achievement of Goals and Objectives

Whatever the coordination does during the functioning of the organization its ultimate aim is to help the organization to achieve its desired goals and objectives. And, it can be said that all the above importance of coordination explains how it helps organizational goals and objectives achievement.

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