What is Differentiated Marketing? Definition, Features, Example, and Pros/Cons

Differentiated Marketing

It is obvious that a market consists of different consumer groups who have different needs, tastes, and interests from each other. As such, a single product or marketing plan can not satisfy all the demands of those customers. This is where differentiated marketing comes into play. Let’s understand what it is. What is Differentiated Marketing? … Read more

What is Mass Marketing? Definition, Features, Examples, and Pros/Cons

Mass Marketing

What is Mass Marketing? Mass marketing is a marketing strategy in which a business aims to offer the same product to the whole market and attract as many customers as possible through a single marketing program. It is also called undifferentiated marketing. Mass marketing does not divide the larger market as a segment or niche … Read more

The 5 Levels of Market Segmentation [Explained]

Market Segmentation Levels

Market Segmentation Levels Market segmentation can be defined as the activity in which a larger market is divided into different small markets that have some common characteristics. There are five main levels of market segmentation, which are mentioned below: Mass Marketing The mass marketing level of market segmentation is the marketing in which a company … Read more

The 6 Steps of Market Segmentation Process [Explained]

Market Segmentation Process

Market Segmentation Process The market segmentation process includes a series of steps companies use to take to divide the large market into reachable groups, choose the target market, and launch marketing programs. The segmentation process begins with identifying target markets, followed by listing market segments, evaluation, selection, setting positioning strategy, launching marketing programs, and reviewing … Read more

5 Requirements For An Effective Market Segmentation

Requirements For Market Segmentation

Requirements For Market Segmentation Market segmentation is the process of dividing a complex market into different simpler markets which a company can easily understand and apply its marketing efforts. There are certain requirements or criteria that define market segmentation effectiveness. The following are the five requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to make … Read more

What is Market Segmentation? Definition, Features, Process, Types, Levels, and Pros/Cons

Market Segmentation

It is obvious that the overall market is large and there exist a variety of consumers who are different in their needs, wants, tastes, and other characteristics. Do you think your company will be successful in satisfying all those customers? I think not. Let’s understand what the market segmentation concept talks about. What is Market … Read more

What is a Market? Definition, Characteristics, and Types


What is a Market? A market is a place where buyers and sellers meet and negotiate the terms of the purchase and sale of products. The place could be both physical and virtual. The markets facilitate the exchange of goods and services between sellers and buyers. This becomes a means where a buyer can easily … Read more