What is ERG Theory? Definition, Components, Principle, and Implications

ERG Theory

What is ERG Theory of Motivation? The ERG theory of motivation is the recategorized version of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The man behind the ERG motivation model is Clayton Paul Alderfer, an American Psychologist. In this ERG theory, E stands for existence, R stands for relatedness, and G for growth. Like Herzberg and Maslow, Alderfer also focused … Read more

What is Expectancy Theory? Definition, Elements, Implications, and Limitations

Expectancy Theory

Employees’ motivation depends on their needs or their expectations of the outcome they will get if they hit the target or execute the task. What do you think? Let’s discuss what expectancy theory has to say about it. What is Expectancy Theory? Expectancy theory, also called the expectancy theory of motivation explains that employee motivation … Read more

10 Importance of Motivation in the Organization [explained]

Importance of Motivation

Importance of Motivation Motivation is important for organizational success. The following are points that explain the importance of motivation for workplace success. Motivated Employees The importance of motivation is that it helps to motivate people. It is obvious that motivated employees always give their optimum efforts – this is essential to increase productivity and ensure … Read more

The 5 Levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs [Explained]

5 Levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Have you ever thought human needs follow some hierarchy? Abraham Maslow thought and made this concept popular worldwide which is known as the need hierarchy theory of motivation. What is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Abraham Maslow, a human psychologist, developed a motivation theory called the need hierarchy theory. His theory is based on human needs. … Read more

How To Motivate Employees? 12 Strategies For Success

12 ways to motivate employees

Strategies To Motivate Employees It is a well-known fact that when employees are motivated the potential for organizational success is high. How to motivate employees – is a critical question for every manager. Every manager must work on motivating their employees to bring their best efforts towards organizational goals. Motivated and satisfied employees are key … Read more

9 Characteristics of Motivation in Management

Characteristics of Motivation

Characteristics of Motivation Motivation refers to the act of inspiring and influencing people in the organization in a way they are ready to give their optimum effort toward the accomplishment of organizational goals. The following are the main characteristics/features of motivation. Internal Feeling Motivation is an internal feeling. It remains within an individual. You can … Read more

What is Motivation? Definition, Features, Types, Importance, Theories, and Strategies


When every member of an organization contributes to organizational performance to the fullest, the organization becomes effective. The capacity and willingness of a workgroup’s members to work, as well as the technologies they utilize, determine how successfully an employee and their workgroups perform inside the organization. Ability depends on training, experience, and knowledge, whereas willingness … Read more