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11 Importance of Leadership in Management [Explained]

Importance of leadership

Importance of Leadership Leadership is about influencing employees toward the achievement of organizational goals. It is an important function of management that aims to increase efficiency and ensure goal achievement. The following are the main importance of leadership. They are; Inspire and Motivate Leadership is by nature influencing, inspiring, and motivating function of management employees … Read more

12 Most Common Styles of Leadership with their Pros and Cons

Leadership Styles

What is Leadership Style? There are many commonly used leadership styles like autocratic style, democratic style, delegative style, situational style of leadership, etc. Let’s understand, what actually the leadership style is. A leadership style is the leader’s manner and approach of directing, implementing plans, and motivating people involved in the organization. It is the sum … Read more

What is Coaching Leadership? Definition and Characteristics [Explained]

Coaching Leadership

What is Coaching Leadership? Coaching leadership is a leadership style in which leaders lead employees through instruction and guidelines about how to meet special organizational challenges. Coaching leaders identify the weaknesses of their followers in terms of their behavior and skills and suggest how they might correct their skills and behavior. In addition to outlining … Read more

What is Transformational Leadership? Definition, Components, and Pros/Cons

Transformational Leadership

What is Transformational Leadership? Transformational leadership is a leadership style that encourages, inspires, and motivates employees to bring innovation and create change that helps to grow the organization. Transformational leaders achieve this by establishing a good example at the leadership level by encouraging employee ownership, independence, and a strong corporate culture. A transformational leader is … Read more

What is Michigan Leadership Studies? Definition and Findings

Michigan Leadership Studies

What is Michigan Leadership Studies? The Michigan Leadership Studies is a behavioral theory of leadership that was studied at the University of Michigan in the 1950s. The study was led by the American Social Psychologist, Rensis Likert, who conducted a series of research programs with a group of researchers to find out the leader’s behavior. … Read more

Trait Theory of Leadership: Definition, Traits, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Trait Theory of Leadership

What is Trait Theory of Leadership? The trait theory of leadership is a leadership theory that states great leaders are born with some inherent leadership qualities. At the core of this leadership theory, great leaders are born, not made. The trait theory of leadership is also called, the trait approach of leadership. This theory aims … Read more

Fiedler’s Contingency Theory of Leadership: Definition, Styles, Variables, and Pros/Cons

Fiedlers Contingency Leadership

What is Fiedler’s Contingency Theory of Leadership? Fiedler’s contingency leadership is a leadership theory or style that states that leaders’ effectiveness is determined by their ability to match their leadership styles with the demands of the situation. It says there is no universally accepted leadership style rather best leadership style is contingent on the case, … Read more