The 7-Step Process of Marketing Research [Explained]

Marketing Research Process

Process of Marketing Research Marketing research is the process of collecting and analyzing data to explore more about the current trends in the market. Marketing research includes specific inquiries into specific marketing problems. Good marketing research can offer companies good information about the target market, competitors’ positions, and probable opportunities and threats enabling companies to … Read more

What is Marketing Research? Definition, Features, Process, Areas, and Importance

What is Marketing Research? Marketing research is a process of collecting and analyzing market information to better understand the customers and aid in problem-solving. It is a systematic and scientific way of analyzing the market and gathering relevant information about the problem. The marketing research is objective in nature. It is the problem-focused approach. Companies … Read more

What is Marketing Information System? Definition, Objective, Component, and Importance

What is Marketing Information System (MKIS)? A marketing information system, shortly called MKIS, is a system of collecting, analyzing, storing, and disseminating market information to marketing managers for making marketing decisions. MKIS is a systematic tool that aids marketing organizations in making effective marketing decisions. It collects data from both internal and external environments of … Read more

18 Components of Marketing Environment [Explained]

What is Marketing Environment? The marketing environment can be defined as the combination of external and internal factors/components that have a direct and indirect influence on your company’s abilities to serve, build relationships with clients, and achieve desired marketing goals. Components of Marketing Environment Generally, types/components of the marketing environment are two – internal and … Read more

What is Marketing Environment? Definition, Features, Types, and Importance

It is obvious that no business organization is isolated. They operate in the environment. The factors of this environment affect the functioning of the organization. Some factors are within the organization whereas others are outside it and they affect the marketing activities of the firm. Both outside and inside factors made up the marketing environment … Read more

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