What is Decentralization of Authority? Definition, Objectives, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Decentralization in Management

What is Decentralization? Decentralization is a management philosophy in which the authority is delegated to middle and lower-level management in accordance with their responsibility. In simple words, it is a process of assigning decision-making power as close as possible to the level where the work is to be done. Decentralization of authority believes that an … Read more

Mechanistic Vs. Organic Organizational Structure: 7 Key Differences [Explained]

Mechanistic Versus Organic Structure

Mechanistic Vs. Organic Structure Mechanistic organizational structure and organic organizational structure are the two most common organizational structures. Mechanistic structure refers to traditional types of organizations. Whereas, the organic structure refers to modern types of organizations. Both the organic and mechanistic structures have been practiced in management practice. Both differ from each other and both … Read more

10 Types of Organizational Structure Found in the Workplace [Explained]

Types of Organizational Structure

Types of Organizational Structure An organizational structure is a system that lets employees know how they should work to achieve the organization’s common goals. There are several types of organizational structure you can choose to implement in your company. Let’s discuss the 10 most common organizational structures with their advantages and disadvantages so you can … Read more

What is Team Organizational Structure? Definition, Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Team Organizational Structure

What is Team Organizational Structure? A team organizational structure is a structure in which different work teams are created to achieve common organizational goals. This structure emphasizes the creation of work teams instead of departments. The concept of team structure breaks down departmental barriers and decentralizes the decision-making authority to the level of the work … Read more

What is Matrix Organizational Structure? Definition, History, Features, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Matrix Organizational Structure

What is Matrix Organizational Structure? A matrix organizational structure is a structure that combines employees from two or more different functional disciplines without removing them from their actual positions. It is a complex and unique organizational structure that combines two organizational structures to solve organizational problems or achieve specific objectives. Matrix organization is formed with … Read more

What is Geographical Organizational Structure? Definition, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Geographical Organizational Structure

What is Geographical Organizational Structure? Geographical organizational structure is the process of creating a structure of the organization based on different geographic regions and locations where the organization’s activities operate. As its name suggests, it creates organizational structures considering the geographical operations of the business. The geographic structure is suitable for organizations having expanded operations … Read more

What is a Multidivisional Organizational Structure? Definition, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Multidivisional Structure

What is a Multidivisional Structure (M-Form)? A multidivisional structure is an organizational structure in which an organization is divided into different product divisions. Each division works independently and is responsible for its performance. It consists of a complex organizational structure with separate business divisions each working independently. When a firm has different products and operates … Read more

What is Line and Staff Organizational Structure? Definition, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Line and Staff Organizational Structure

What is Line and Staff Organizational Structure? A line and staff organizational structure is a combination of line and functional organizational structures. Where line organizational structure includes a clear hierarchy of authority where authority flows from top to bottom and responsibility from bottom to top. Whereas, the functional organizational structure includes the creation of different … Read more