What is Management By Objectives (MBO)? Definition, Objective, Process, Success Factors, and Pros/Cons

Management By Objectives

For the productivity and greater performance of the organization efficient management of employees and other resources is essential. MBO works as a strategic tool to align employees’ and management efforts and goals in the same direction. Management By Objectives (MBO) is similar to participative management but it is more than that. Let’s discuss what the … Read more

Management By Objectives: MBO Process in 5 Steps [Explained]

process of mbo

Process of MBO (Management By Objectives) MBO i.e. management by objectives is the process of setting organizational goals/objectives that are agreed upon by supervisors and employees. It is a strategic management tool to increase the overall performance of the company. Peter Drucker, the initiator of MBO has stated that management by objectives works if you … Read more