Group Vs Team: 8 Key Differences Between Groups and Teams [Explained]

Group vs Team

Group Vs. Team Groups and teams are common in organizational settings. Every organization uses groups and teams to accomplish its objectives. Although in an organizational setting, a group and team are used synonymously they hold a great difference between them. A group is just an assembling of people based on their common interests, situation, and … Read more

Bruce Tuckman’s 5 Stages of Group or Team Development [Explained]

Group Development Stages

What is Group Development? Group development is the process of creating a fully functioning group in order to accomplish a common goal effectively and efficiently. It is a process that involves a series of steps to form a group. The main objective of group development is to develop a group that is able to perform … Read more

Formal Group Vs. Informal Group: 12 Key Differences [Explained]

Formal Vs Informal Group

Formal Group Vs. Informal Group In organizational settings, the creation of the formal group and the informal group is common. Where, if formal groups are created to fulfill the organizational goals with the consent of the top management. Whereas, informal groups are naturally formed by the employees themselves to fulfill their social needs. The basic … Read more

7 Importance of Workgroup in the Workplace [Explained]

Workgroup Importance

Importance of Workgroup A workgroup is defined as two or more interacting and interdependent individuals who work together to accomplish common goals. The following are the importance of the workgroup in the organization. Collective Goal Setting In a workgroup, there is a system setting goals collectively. The group’s top management welcomes members to the planning, … Read more

9 Characteristics/Features of a Group [Explained]

Group Characteristics

Characteristics of Group A group is called when two or more people come together, interact with each other, and share their effort to achieve a common goal. The following are the main features/characteristics of a group. Two or More People For a group to be there must be two or more people. You can not … Read more

What is a Group? Definition, Features, Types, Stages of Formation, and Reasons For Joining


What is a Group? A group is a collection of two or more people who come together and work together to achieve common objectives. These groups consist of individuals who interact and depend on one another and share a common attitude toward at least one goal. There can be several purposes for formulating groups as … Read more