8 Potential Barriers To Controlling in the Workplace

Barriers to Controlling

Potential Barriers To Controlling Controlling is an indispensable function as it is essential to all areas of management but it can not be free from defects. A manager may face various problems while introducing and practicing a controlling system. Here are some potential barriers managers may face during the controlling process in an organization. Over … Read more

9 Characteristics of Controlling Function of Management

characteristics of controlling

Characteristics of Controlling Controlling is a function of management. It is a process of making sure that organizations’ actions and activities are in the right direction where they should be in order to achieve the desired goals. Controlling includes the setting of standards i.e. desired outputs, measuring the actual performance with the standards, and initiating … Read more

3 Types of Controlling in Management [Explained]

Types of Controlling

Types of Controlling There are three types of control or controlling in management. They are pre-control, concurrent control, and feedback control. Pre-control refers to employing controlling mechanisms before the problems happen, concurrent means correcting problems as they happen, and feedback control means solving problems after they happen. Let’s discuss them individually. Pre-Control Pre-control is alternatively … Read more