11 Causes/Reasons of Conflict in the Organization [Explained]

Causes of Conflict

Causes of Conflict in the Organization There can be various reasons, causes, or sources of conflict in the organizations, some of the familiar sources are mentioned below: Vague Responsibility Conflicts may arise in the organization when employees are unclear about their roles and responsibilities. They may not know what is expected of them, who their … Read more

How To Manage Conflict in the Organization? 13 Tips For Success

Tips to Manage Conflict

How To Manage Conflict? Managing Conflicts: Conflict management includes resolving dysfunctional conflicts and taking advantage of constructive conflicts. To manage conflict, it is necessary to identify the types of conflicts. Since conflicts may have both positive and negative impacts on organizational performance. Identification of sources, nature, and types of conflicts is essential. You should employ … Read more

What is a Conflict? Definition, Types, Reasons, and Ways To Reduce


What is a Conflict? A conflict is a situation when there is a misunderstanding between two or more individuals either in terms of goals, attitudes, interests, needs, beliefs, roles, or other aspects. In organizational settings, such conflicts are known as organizational conflicts or workplace conflicts. Conflicts are common in organizations. Whenever two employees or a … Read more

9 Types of Conflict Found in the Organization [Explained]

Types of Conflict

Types of Conflict Conflict is natural in organizations. Types of conflict are broadly classified into two bases – involvement and reasons for conflicts. As such, types of conflicts in the workplace can be presented below: Types of Conflict Based on Involvement Based on involvement i.e. who is involved in the conflict, the conflict can be … Read more