What is Shopping Product? Definition, Characteristics, Types, and Examples

Shopping Product

Shopping product is one of the types of consumer products and other includes convenience, specialty, and unsought products. Let’s understand what shopping products are, their characteristics, and their types. What is a Shopping Product? A shopping product is an infrequently purchased consumer product that demands customers to think about its price, quality, design, styles, and … Read more

What is Convenience Product? Definition, Characteristics, Types, and Examples

Convenience Product

What is a Convenience Product? A convenience product is a product that consumers frequently purchase, is inexpensive, and with little effort and time. Consumers require convenience products on a regular basis and they usually have prior knowledge about the products as such they think less while picking the products. Examples of convenience products include foods, … Read more

Kotler’s 5 Product Levels Model [Explained with Examples]

5 levels of product

Kotler’s Five Levels of Product Marketing gurus Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller published the five levels of the product model in the book called “Marketing Management” in 2003. Commonly known as Kotler’s product levels. Let’s understand each of the levels of the product in detail with relevant examples. Core Benefit The core benefit is … Read more