Process of Organizational Development: 6 Steps [Explained]

Organizational Development Process

Process of Organizational Development (OD) Organizational development is the systematic and organized process of bringing change in the organization in order to increase its overall performance. The goal of adopting OD may vary between the organizations but the most common goal is to increase organizational competitiveness. The main goal of organizational development is to make … Read more

10 Characteristics of Organizational Development (OD) – Explained

Characteristics of Organizational Development

Characteristics of Organizational Development (OD) OD is the conscious change process organizations take to improve their strategies, processes, and structures to increase performance in the changing business climate. The main characteristics of organizational development are mentioned below: Ongoing Process OD is an ongoing process that lasts till the existence of the organization. What OD explains … Read more

What is Organizational Development? Definition, Objective, Features, and Process

Organizational Development

What is Organizational Development (OD)? Organizational development, commonly known as OD is a systematic and planned process of changing an organization’s plans, policies, processes, and strategies to be more effective and efficient. The main goal of OD is to increase the overall growth of the organization. OD focuses on continuous improvement in companies culture, strategies … Read more