What is Semantic Barrier in Communication? Definition and Causes

Semantic Barrier in Communication

What is Semantic Barrier? A semantic barrier in communication refers to a barrier that arises due to misinterpretation of the message by both the sender and receiver. Such barriers usually arise when communicating parties get different meanings from the same message which may be because of the use of excessive symbols or unfamiliar language. Simply, … Read more

What is Physical Barrier to Communication? Definition and Causes [Explained]

Physical Barrier to Communication

What is Physical Barrier in Communication? Communication may also be disturbed by the physical layout of the organization, distance, structure, etc. if such a barrier hinders the flow of information in the organization, it is called a physical barrier to communication. Effective flow of information within the organization is essential but its different elements or … Read more

What is Communication? Definition, Features, Types, Importance, Process, Barriers, and Ways To Reduce


What is Communication? Communication is the process of exchanging messages, ideas, views, or any information between two people, groups, teams, or organizations through an appropriate medium. It is simply sharing information from one person to another. In organizational settings, such an exchange of information is called organizational communication. The communication to be effective, the message … Read more