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SEE Result 2080/2081: Overview

Are you looking for the best guide on how to check the SEE result for 2080/2081? You are at the right place. Let’s guide you through this.

SEE i.e. Secondary Education Examination, previously known as SLC (School Leaving Certificate), is under the control of the Office of the Controller of Examination (OCE) and National Examination Board (NEB).

Students who will take the SEE i.e. 10th class exam of 2080 in Nepal can visit the websites and to check their results. And, the best thing is you can check your results with the mark sheet too plus via SMS and IVR System.

Recently, the Office of the Controller of Examination Grade 10 has published the worktable for secondary education in Nepal for the year 2080. In that, you can find the 2080 SEE exam date and Result publishing date.

To check the result of SEE 2080-2081, you just have to remember your symbol number and your date of birth. Let’s check the 10th exam and result publishing date:

SEE Result 2080/2081 Publish Date and Time

The SEE Class 10th result 2080 will be announced by the National Examination Board. As per the new update from the NEB and Office of the Controller of Examination Grade 10, the result will be published on the Ashar 2nd Week of 2081/ June Last Week of 2024.

The following are the highlights of SEE 2080/2081.

Board NameNational Examination Board (NEB)
Exam NameSEE Exam 2080
Result NameSEE Result 2080/2081
Exam DateMarch-April 2024
Result DateAshar 2nd Week, 2081 (June Last Week/July First Week 2024)
Website &

How To Check the SEE Result 2080 Online?

As I already mentioned, you can check your 10th class result online, by SMS, as well as by IVR. Let’s first look at how you can check your SEE result online.

For this, please carefully follow the steps mentioned below.

Once the NEB publishes the result for SEE 2080, you can download your result scorecard in PDF format from the websites mentioned above and save it on your computer or mobile phone.

It is recommended you keep a downloaded copy of the SEE exam result for your future reference. Additionally, students may also take 3-4 printouts of the result if they prefer a physical copy.

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How To Check the SEE Result 2081/2080 by SMS?

Once the OCE or NEB announces the result of the 10th class, thousands or lakhs of people will visit the site at a time making the site slow or down for a time.

In such a scenario, you will not be able to visit the site (s) and check your SEE result. To get rid of this, alternatively, you can check your SEE result by SMS also.

To check your SEE result 2079 by SMS, follow the steps mentioned below:


  • Open your message box on your mobile phone.
  • Type SEE, give a space, and send it to 1600. (Example – SEE 0201382D)
  • Within a second you will get your SEE result in your inbox.

By Sparrow SMS:

The Secondary Education Examination SEE 2080 result can now be accessed through Sparrow SMS, as they have been granted permission to publish it. To view the SEE exam result via Sparrow SMS, all you need to do is type your SEE symbol number, and space, and send the SMS to 35001.

For example, SEE 0201382D and send it to 35001.

How To Check the SEE Result 2080/2081 by IVR System?

You can also be able to check your SEE result by interactive voice response system (IVRS). By this, you can check your results from PSTN and CDMA phones or landlines.

To check the SEE result 2079 from the IVR system, you just only have to follow two steps. Dial 1600 and follow the instructions.

SEE Grading System in Nepal

The NEB evaluates the performance of SEE students in the grading system. The following table shows the grading system of the 10th class, SEE (secondary education examination) of Nepal.

Serial No.Achieved ScoreGrade PointGradeRemarks
190 and more4A+Outstanding
280 – Less than 903.6AExcellent
370 – Less than 803.2B+Very Good
460 – Less than 702.8BGood
550 – Less than 602.4C+Satisfactory
640 – Less than 502CAcceptable
735 – Less than 401.6DBasic
8Less than 35NGNot Graded

SEE Result Statistics (Years 2078 & 2079)

Let’s look at the statistics of SEE results for the years 2079 and 2078. And, compare yourself to how the grade 10th students have performed in the years 2079 and 2078.

In addition, as per the statement from the National Examination Board (NEB), the SEE result of 2079 has been improved as compared to the result of the year 2078.

2078 Result:

In the SEE result year 2078 out of a total of 4,95,648 examinees 22,537 students got the Non-Graded (NG). The table below shows the summary:

GPANumber of StudentsPercentage
3.6 – 4.096331.94
3.2 – 3.6416278.4
2.8 – 3.26990014.10
2.4 – 2.89075818.31
2.0 – 2.411273322.74
1.6 – 2.010059420.30
1.2 – 1.6445869.00
0.8 – 1.232800.66
Total Examinees495648100.00

2079 Result:

As compared to the SEE 2078 Result, the result of 2079 has been improved and in this year only 13,992 students got the NG. Whereas, in 2078 22,537 students had got the NG. The table below shows a brief summary of the 2079 SEE Result.

GPANumber of StudentsPercentage
3.6 – 4.022,4754.63
3.2 – 3.655,06911.36
2.8 – 3.272,36214.92
2.4 – 2.889,33118.42
2.0 – 2.4102,29321.09
1.6 – 2.088,44718.24
1.2 – 1.638,7707.99
0.8 – 1.22,2000.45
Total Examinees484,939100.00

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For information about SEE Exam Routine and Result for 2080/2081 visit the official site and Also, check the official notice of NEB and OCE 10th Grade regarding SEE routine and result 2080 below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I check my SEE 2080 result?

You can check your SEE 2080 result through online, via SMS and IVR System.

When will SEE Result 2080 be published?

It is most likely that SEE 2080 results will be published on Ashar 2nd Week, 2081 (June Last Week/July First Week 2024).

What is the Date of SEE Exam 2080?

As per the official notice, the date of the SEE Exam 2080 is March-April 2024 i.e. Chaitra of 2080 B/S.

Is the SEE Result 2080 Published?

The SEE 2080 Result has not been published yet, it will be published on the 2nd week of Ashar 2081.

What are the Official Websites for Checking SEE Results? and are the official website for checking SEE Results.

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