What is Product Mix? Definition, Dimensions, Strategies, and Examples

Product Mix

What is Product Mix? A product mix is the set of all product lines and items that a particular brand sells. It is also called product assortment or product portfolio. The product mix is the entire collection of product lines and items offered by an organization. In simple words, it is all the products that … Read more

What is a Product Line? Definition, Decisions, Importance, and Examples

Product Line

A company can not succeed in the long run if it sells only one product and does not make additional changes and modifications to the product. For this companies need to adopt the product line, which is a strategy for businesses to introduce groups of similar products targeting the same audience with differences in price, … Read more

9 Objectives of Packaging [Explained]

objectives of packaging

Objectives of Packaging Packaging is the process of covering a product with protective materials. The following are the main objectives of packaging. Protection The finished product itself is not safe until it is protected with some protective materials. For example, right after the production of the biscuit, you can not transfer it to another place … Read more

4 Concepts of a Product: Physical, Service, Augmented, and Total Concept

Concepts of a product

Concepts of a Product There are four concepts of a product in marketing namely – physical concept, service concept, augmented concept, and total product concept. Do not be confused with the product concept of marketing. It explains a philosophy that consumers prefer those products that have the highest performance, quality, and durability. Here, we are … Read more

Consumer Vs. Industrial Products: 8 Key Differences [Explained]

difference between consumer and industrial product

Consumer Product Vs. Industrial Product The main difference between consumer and industrial product lies is that the purpose for which the product is purchased. Consumer products and industrial products are two types of products found in the market. Consumer product on one hand is a product that satisfies the immediate need and wants of individual … Read more

What is an Industrial Product? Definition, Characteristics, Types, and Examples

Industrial Product

What is an Industrial Product? An industrial product is a type of product purchased by a business firm for consumption, rendering services, or reselling purposes. Industrial products are also called business products. Industrial products can not be directly used by consumers, these products need to be processed to be able to use by end consumers. … Read more

What is Packaging? Definition, Types, Functions, Importance, Strategies, and Examples


The finished goods are not safe and transportable from one place to another without packaging. Suppose, you produce milk, but you can not sell it directly to consumers, you need to store the milk and pack it in plastic jugs or paper cartons. For this packing is necessary. Let’s understand what the packaging is, its … Read more