Unity of Direction Principle of Management (Explained)

Unity of Direction Principle

Principle of Unity of Direction The principle of unity of direction refers to “One Plan One Head”. Meaning that a group of activities that have a similar objective to achieve should be grouped into one and their direction head should be one. It often makes confusion with the principle of “unity of command” as they … Read more

Unity of Command Principle of Management (Explained)

Unity of Command Principle

Unity of Command Principle The principle of unity of command states that an employee should always get instruction or command from one in charge at a time. This principle of management aims to reduce the confusion of the employee when he receives instructions from many supervisors. This principle believes that no one is capable to … Read more

Discipline Principle of Management (Explained)

Discipline Principle of Management

Discipline Principle The discipline principle of management means respecting the rules and regulations of the organization and behaving the way the organization wants to. Discipline is one of Fayol’s 14 principles of management. Fayol’s emphasized that discipline in the organization is a must for organizational success. Regardless of position, level, or whether he is top … Read more

Authority and Responsibility Principle of Management (Explained)

Authority and Responsibility Principle

Authority and Responsibility Principle Authority and responsibility are two important tools of management yet they are dependent and related to each other. At the core of this principle is that there should be a reasonable balance between given authority and responsibility. Authority is the power that can be used to command, make decisions, and get … Read more

Henri Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management [Explained]

Principles of Management

What are the Principles of Management? Principles of management are the basic guidelines for effectively and efficiently running the organization. They are the essence of management, applicable universally, and are the results of thorough research, observation, and practice. These principles guide managers on how to conduct activities in the workplace according to their responsibility. They … Read more

Principle of Division of Work: Definition, Pros, and Cons

Division of Work Principle

What will you do if a whole task is given to you and you even do not have expertise in this task? Probably you can not perform that task easily and effectively. The solution to this problem is a division of work. What is the Principle of Division of Work? The principle of division of … Read more

12 Primary Objectives of Management (Explained)

Objectives of Management

Objectives of Management The objective of management can be referred to as its basic goals. Primarily talking about objectives of management are the decisions, actions, and practices taken by management to bring smoothness and productivity to the organization. Management has an important role in the prosperity and progress of the business by handling the company’s … Read more