What is a Marketing Concept? Definition, History, Features, Principles, Examples, and Pros/Cons

Marketing Concept

Products should be made as per the choices of the company or as per the choices of customers. What do you think about which choices (company or customers) should be prioritized while making products? Let’s find out what the marketing concept of marketing philosophies has to say about this. What is a Marketing Concept? The … Read more

Marketing Philosophies: 6 Basic Marketing Concepts with Examples

Since the era of modern-day arrival, companies have been forced to apply different management and marketing practices to beat the competition and earn profits. Do you think sticking to one marketing concept/philosophy gives better results? Due to competition choosing the right marketing concepts or philosophies has been a challenging task for marketers today. Here, I … Read more

Bachelor Second Year Exam Routine 2080, Tribhuvan University

TU, Bachelor Second Year Exam Routine 2080 Overview The Office of the Controller of Examinations, Tribhuvan University, Balkhu, has released the exam routine for Bachelor Second Year 2080. As per the notice, the exams for the 2079 batch of Bachelor Second Year under the yearly exam system are scheduled to take place from the last … Read more

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