NEB 12 Result 2080 Statistics (Pass Percentage & Grades)

NEB Class 12 Result 2080 Summary (Pass Percentage and Grade)

Are you wondering how many students have passed, how many have failed, how many students have scored the highest GPA in NEB 12th result 2080, and more?

In this article, we are going to cover this. So, let’s get started.

NEB Class 12 Result 2080 Statistics: Overview

In the National Examination Board i.e. NEB’s 12th examination 2080 which was between Baishakh and Jestha 2080, around 4,67,389 students registered for the NEB 12th examination according to the Examination Control Office.

As per the NEB, on the 30th Shrawan 2080 i.e. 15th August 2023 the NEB 12th result 2080 is published From 3,72,637 students who took the exam 1,89,711 students passed and 1,82,926 students got the NG.

From the total of 100% i.e. 3,72,637 students – 49.09% of students got the NG (Non-Grade) and the remaining 51.91% of students successfully passed the NEB 12th Examination 2080.

And, from 1,82,926 NG students – 1,09,527 students are only from the English Subject. This indicates two things – the English education practice is not effective in Nepal or the students do not give proper attention to English Lectures.

In addition, if you are unsatisfied with your NEB 12th result in 2080, you can also you can apply for re-totaling by paying Rs. 500 for each subject. And, time is valid for Bhadra 15 i.e. September 1, 2023.

However, as compared to the NEB 12th result 2079, this year’s i.e. NEB 12th result 2080 is good.

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NEB 12th Result 2080 Statistics (Pass Percentage & Grades)

National Examination Board is using the Non-Grade for students scoring below 35 marks. Before you can view the summary of NEB 12th result 2080. First, look at how the NEB 12th grading system works. Look at the table below:

S.NMarksGradeRemarkGrade Point
190 or MoreA+Outstanding4.0
280 – Les than 90AExcellent3.6
370 – Less than 80B+Very Good3.2
460 – Less than 70BGood2.8
550 – Less than 60C+Satisfactory2.4
640 – Less than 50CAcceptable2.0
735 – Less than 40DBasic1.6
8Less than 35NGNot Graded

The above is the grading system of NEB 12th. Now, let’s look at the result summary of NEB class 12th result 2080.

The below table shows the statistics of NEB 12th result 2080, in which you can easily observe how many students successfully passed the exam and how many have failed i.e. got Non-Graded.

NEB Class 12 Result 2080 Summary:

Grade GroupTotalPercentage
GPA 3.61 to 4.06,9761.87
GPA 3.21 to 3.6038,99910.47
GPA 2.81 to 3.2069,17418.56
GPA 2.41 to 2.8063,07716.93
GPA 2.01 to 2.4011,4383.07
GPA 1.61 to 2.00470.01

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Comparison of NEB 12th Result 2079 and 2080

Let’s compare the NEB class 12 results of 2079 and 2080. In saying overall, the 2080’s 12th result is good. Altogether 51% of students in NEB 12th result 2080 have passed, whereas, in 2079’s 12th result 51% of students got the NG i.e. failed.

Further, look at the below picture and compare the NEB 12th result of 2079 and 2080 BS in your own way.

How To Check NEB 12th Result 2080?

You can check your NEB 12th result 2080 in four ways. They are mentioned below:

Through Website:

  • Visit or
  • Put the necessary details – your symbol number and date of birth.
  • Press the submit button.
  • Now, within a second you will have your 12th result on your screen.

Through SMS

  • Go to your mobile message box, type NEB give a Space type your symbol number, and send it to 1600.
  • Example – NEB 12345678 and send to 1600.

Through IVR

Use Nepal Telecom’s Land Line Phone or Mobile, and dial 1601 and follow the provided instructions.

Through USSD

Dial *1600# and follow the instructions.

NEB 12th Result 2080 Statistics: FAQs

Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about NEB 12th result 2080.

How Many Students Passed in NEB 12th Result 2080?

1,89,711 students have successfully passed NEB 12th result 2080 i.e. 51.91% of 3,72,637 Students.

How Many Students Failed in NEB 12th Result 2080?

In NEB 12th Result 2080, 1,82,926 students got the Non-Grade i.e. 49.09% of students failed from 3,72,637 of total students.

How Many Students Got the GPA From 3.61-4.0 in NEB Class 12 Result 2080?

In the NEB 12 class result 2080, 6,976 students scored a GPA from 3.61 to 4.0.

How To Check NEB 12th Result 2080?

You can check your NEB 12th result via four ways – website, SMS, IVR, and using USSD.

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