BIM Colleges in Nepal

BIM Colleges in Nepal

BIM Colleges in Nepal: Overview Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) is Nepal’s sought-after undergraduate degree program. It’s all about managing information effectively in the digital age. BIM blends computer science and management, teaching students how to handle data, technology, and business. In Nepal, BIM has immense scope. With the growth of the IT industry and … Read more

What is a Marketing Concept? Definition, History, Features, Principles, Examples, and Pros/Cons

Products should be made as per the choices of the company or as per the choices of customers. What do you think about which choices (company or customers) should be prioritized while making products? Let’s find out what the marketing concept of marketing philosophies has to say about this. What is a Marketing Concept? The … Read more

Marketing Philosophies: 6 Basic Marketing Concepts with Examples

Since the era of modern-day arrival, companies have been forced to apply different management and marketing practices to beat the competition and earn profits. Do you think sticking to one marketing concept/philosophy gives better results? Due to competition choosing the right marketing concepts or philosophies has been a challenging task for marketers today. Here, I … Read more

Human Resource Management (HRM): Definition, Features, Objectives, and Functions

What is Human Resource Management (HRM)? Human resource management (HRM) is a strategic approach to managing people i.e. employees in the workplace for achieving higher productivity. HRM encompasses the strategic management of people within an organization to optimize its performance and contribute to its competitive advantage. It involves various processes, such as recruitment, selection, training, … Read more

Challenges and Opportunities of Organizational Behavior

Challenges and Opportunities of Organizational Behavior Organizational behavior can be understood as the study of people’s behavior in the organizational environment. Organizational behavior aims to explore and explain why people behave the way they do in the workplace and how these behaviors impact the overall effectiveness and success of the organization. In today’s workplaces, managers … Read more

Levels of Organizational Behavior (Scope of OB)

Levels of Organizational Behavior Organizational behavior deals with the study of human behavior within the organizational setting. It focuses on understanding and explaining human behavior in the workplace and its impact on organizational effectiveness. Organizational behavior explores how people behave at work and how their actions affect the organization’s success. It is a study that … Read more

Features of Organizational Behavior

What are the features of organizational behavior? Organizational behavior is the study of individuals’ thoughts, emotions, and actions within an organization and its surrounding environment. Organizational behavior is a comprehensive field that explores the thoughts, emotions, and actions of individuals and groups about an organization. By understanding these dynamics, organizations can enhance employee well-being, promote … Read more

What is Management? Definition, Features, Functions, Principles, Importance, & Challenges

Daily one or many organizations are being established. They operate for a few years successfully but most are failing. In most cases, their failure is the result of the mismanagement of resources they have or inefficient management practices. Here, I will explain everything about management, what is it, what are its principles, levels, functions, and … Read more

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