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A List of Top 100+ BBS Colleges in Nepal [2023]

Are you planning to pursue your BBS degree in Nepal and searching for the best BBS colleges in Nepal? Here, in this article, we have covered this.

BBS Colleges in Nepal

BBS, which stands for Bachelor of Business Studies, is like a toolbox for understanding business magic. It’s a unique course that teaches you how companies dance in business. From money moves to management tricks, BBS gives you the keys to this enchanting world.

In Nepal, the BBS journey is exciting. Imagine it as a passport to Nepal’s business adventure park. With industries growing like colorful flowers, BBS graduates get to be gardeners, making sure everything blossoms well.

From banking to trading, they become skilled players in Nepal’s business game. It’s like having a map to discover treasures in the valleys of commerce. So, if you’re curious about business spells, Nepal’s BBS journey might be the magic wand you need!

Top 20 BBS Colleges in Nepal

Let’s explore the top 20 BBS Colleges in Nepal and explain how they might be the best college for you.

Orchid International College

BBS at Orchid International College is a wise choice for those seeking a quality business education. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University, it offers a robust curriculum with a Bachelor’s in Business Studies. The college stands out with modern teaching techniques and practical learning. Scholarships reward merit, financial need, and sports achievements.

The college’s emphasis on research, industry partnerships, workshops, and sports enrich the student experience. With a focus on creating well-rounded graduates, Orchid International College paves the way for success in the dynamic business landscape. Visit for more.

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Thames International College

Established in 2009, Thames International College is a leading private higher education institution situated in Kathmandu, Nepal. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University, it offers a liberal education approach, empowering students for a complex world. Thames College offers a range of programs including BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) that equip students with business acumen and practical skills.

The college fosters independent learning, critical thinking, and social responsibility. Thames promotes co-curricular engagement, social projects, leadership development, and personality growth. With a vision to transform education in Nepal, Thames prepares students for a lifelong journey of learning. Visit for more information.

Patan Multiple Campus

Patan Multiple Campus, established in 1954, is a well-known part of Tribhuvan University. It covers 27,296 sq m in Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur. As a vital campus, it offers diverse Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Humanities, Management, and Science faculties. It hosts programs like general science, environmental science, arts faculties, and Bs.CSIT. The campus thrives in the heart of Nepal’s Newar community. Visit

Damak Multiple Campus

Damak Multiple Campus, situated in Damak-9, Jhapa, Nepal, was founded in 1981 AD (2038 BS) by the local community. Accredited by QAA, it’s affiliated with Tribhuvan University and NEB. Covering diverse fields like Humanities, Management, and Science, it offers programs such as BBS, BA, B.Ed., B.Sc. in Environmental Science, B.Sc. in Physics, and MBS.

The campus prioritizes a holistic approach with a blend of academics and extracurricular activities. It boasts quality infrastructure, computer labs, and well-stocked libraries. Supported by a visionary mission, it aims to provide excellent education and support for students holistic development. Visit for more.

St. Xavier’s College

St. Xavier’s College in Kathmandu, managed by the Nepal Jesuit Society, has a legacy dating back to 1951. Rooted in Jesuit tradition, the college emphasizes holistic education, character development, and service to others. With courses like BBS, BScCSIT, and more, affiliated with Tribhuvan University, it aims to cultivate critical thinking and leadership.

The college promotes excellence, compassion, and innovative spirit through its diverse programs, co-curricular activities, and strong faculty. Graduates are prepared not only for careers but also to make a positive impact on society. St. Xavier’s College’s commitment to academic excellence, moral values, and social service shapes well-rounded individuals ready to contribute to a just and equitable world. Visit for more.

Khwopa College

Khwopa College, situated in Bhaktapur, Nepal, was established in 1999 as a community-driven higher education institution. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University, it offers diverse programs including BBS, BA, B.Sc in Environmental Science, BSW, and more. The college’s commitment to quality education at an affordable fee rate makes it a practical choice.

Its well-equipped facilities, experienced faculty, and serene location near Changunarayan enhance the learning experience. With an aim to provide accessible education, Khwopa College draws students from various districts. It emphasizes practical learning and offers extracurricular activities. Contact: +977-1-6610932, Email: [email protected], Website:

New Horizon College

Established in 1989, New Horizon College is dedicated to academic excellence, managed by academicians, social workers, and local residents. With committed staff and infrastructure, it strives for success in national and international academic arenas. The vision aims to excel in diverse faculties like Humanities, Science, Management, and more. Objectives include creating skilled citizens, offering quality education, and fostering maturity and reasoning.

New Horizon College offers programs like BBA, BBA-BBI, BHM, BBS, and MBS, aligning with the Ministry of Education and university syllabi. The institution focuses on holistic development, career orientation, and cultural harmony. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University and Pokhara University, it molds students for national and global opportunities.

PadmaKanya Multiple Campus

Padma Kanya Multiple Campus, established in 1951, is a renowned girls’ campus in Nepal, situated in Bagbazar, Kathmandu. Popularly known as PK Campus, it provides quality education for girls, addressing societal challenges. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University, the campus offers a diverse range of courses including BBA, BBS, BBM, MBS, BA, MA English, Nepali, Political Science, Population Studies, and more. With a history spanning over six decades, PK Campus empowers its students to face real-world issues. Contact them at Bagbazar, Kathmandu, or visit their website for further information.

Prime College

Established in 2001, Prime College is a renowned private institution situated in Naya Bazar, Kathmandu. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University and National Examination Board, it offers a variety of academic programs, including BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies), enriched by a dedicated faculty and conducive learning environment.

The college boasts modern facilities such as computer labs, a well-equipped library, and audio-visual rooms. Positioned in the heart of the city, Prime College offers BBA, BSC CSIT, BIM, BBS, and Plus Two programs in Management and Humanities. Visit the college at for more information on pursuing BBS.

Divya Gyan College

Divya Gyan College, situated in Nepal, offers the Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) program in affiliation with Tribhuvan University, Nepal’s oldest university. This 4-year course, developed by the Faculty of Management, provides a practical understanding of business and management concepts. Divya Gyan ensures affordability, making education accessible. BBS equips students with high-level management roles and entrepreneurship.

The program covers economics, accountancy, management, marketing, and more. Divya Gyan’s BBS program aims to foster managerial perspectives, encourage societal engagement, and prepare students for postgraduate studies or careers in management. Admission requires +2 or PCL completion and a college-conducted entrance exam. Visit for more.

New Summit College

New Summit College, located in Kathmandu, Nepal, established in 1998, offers the Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) program affiliated with Tribhuvan University. Known for excellence in Management, Science, and IT education, NSC aims to equip students with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills. The 4-year BBS program focuses on creating leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs through innovative teaching and research-based learning.

NSC emphasizes affordability and social responsibility, fostering an environment where students can excel, innovate, and contribute to society. The college values inclusivity, accountability, and collaboration, aiming to be a model for academic excellence while providing students with a strong foundation for their careers. Visit

Nepal Commerce Campus

Established in 1964 (2021 BS), Nepal Commerce Campus (NCC) is a public institution situated in Minbhawan, Kathmandu. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University and endorsed by the University Grants Commission (UGC), NCC has a distinguished history of offering management education. Providing Bachelor’s and Master’s programs like BBS, BIM, BBA, BBM, MBS, and MBM, ensures affordable and quality education.

Recognized among the top ten management colleges in Nepal, NCC boasts state-of-the-art facilities including Hi-Tech Classrooms, Libraries, and Computer Labs. The campus emphasizes practical learning and offers scholarships based on merit and quotas. With a focus on preparing competent managers, NCC plays a pivotal role in Nepal’s and the global market’s professional landscape. Visit

Shanker Dev Campus

Established in 1951, Shanker Dev Campus (SDC) stands as a prominent constituent of Tribhuvan University. Renowned for its commitment to quality management education, SDC offers programs like BBS, MBS, MBA Finance, MBM, BBA, BBA Finance, BIM, and BBM. Recognized as a premier choice for aspiring managers in Nepal, SDC holds a rich history of producing skilled professionals, politicians, and administrators.

Situated centrally in Kathmandu, it is strategically equipped with facilities to ensure quality education. Initially named Nepal National College, it was renamed Shanker Dev Campus in 1973, honoring Prof. Shanker Dev Pant’s contributions. This pioneering campus in management education is dedicated to shaping capable leaders. Visit for more.

Trinity International College

Trinity International College, situated in Dillibazar height, Kathmandu, is a prominent destination for intermediate and Bachelor’s level students. Recognized for its quality education, Trinity offers BBS, BBA, BSc CSIT, BCA, and BASW programs affiliated with Tribhuvan University. The college provides a vibrant learning environment with modern facilities and renowned instructors. Trinity focuses on nurturing students’ talents, fostering their intellectual growth, and ensuring their success.

It values respect, care, honesty, responsibility, fairness, effort, and teamwork. Trinity’s diverse resource centers, library, laboratories, ICT center, and recreational facilities enhance practical learning. It encourages personality development, language proficiency, and placement support, preparing students for the competitive corporate world. Website:

Global College of Management

Global College of Management (GCM), established in 1996, is a renowned co-educational institution known for its quality education. Owned by Pro-ed. Ltd. and located in Baneshwor, Kathmandu, GCM offers diverse programs including BBS, MBS, and 10+2 Management affiliated with NEB and Tribhuvan University. With modern infrastructure and advanced facilities, GCM focuses on holistic learning, practical exposure, and career readiness.

The college emphasizes experiential teaching methodologies, industry interaction, and skill development. Scholarships are available based on merit and criteria. GCM’s strong management team, prime location, and commitment to global education make it an excellent choice for aspiring management professionals. Website:

Nepal Mega College

Nepal Mega College, located in Babarmahal, Kathmandu, is ranked the 2nd Best B-School in Nepal for BBS according to the National B-Schools Rating Ranking Awards – 2017. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University and NEB, it offers diverse academic programs from 10+2 to Master’s level in Science, Management, and Humanities.

With qualified faculty, modern methodologies, and facilities, the college aims to provide quality education and foster responsible citizens. Emphasizing practical skills, discipline, and interactive teaching methods, Mega College prepares students for competitive exams, career placements, and entrepreneurship. It offers courses like digital marketing, English enhancement, and project development alongside its comprehensive curriculum. Visit:-

Sukuna Multiple Campus

Sukuna Multiple Campus, established in 1992, is situated in Koshiharaincha Municipality, Mid-Morang. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University, it offers diverse academic programs. With its own infrastructure and land, it provides a conducive learning environment. The campus offers programs in Humanities, Education, Management, and Science at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

Notably, it received the Quality Assurance and Accreditation certificate from the University Grants Commission. The 4-year Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) program aims to cultivate dynamic managers equipped with practical skills. The curriculum covers subjects like Business English, Microeconomics, Accounting, Marketing, and more. Admission requires completion of 10+2 or equivalent, with an entrance test. Visit:-

BBS at Mid-Western University

The BBS program at Mid-Western University, established on June 17, 2010, offers a comprehensive and practical education in business. With a focus on real-world skills, it equips students with knowledge in areas like accounting, marketing, economics, and management. The program’s goal is to prepare students for diverse roles in the business world. Through a well-structured curriculum, students gain insights into business operations, finance, and strategy. With experienced faculty and modern teaching methods, the BBS program provides a strong foundation for future business leaders.

BBS at Nepal Open University

Nepal Open University’s BBS program offers a flexible and accessible path to business education. Catering to diverse learners, it focuses on essential subjects like economics, management, and accounting. The program is designed to accommodate working professionals and those seeking higher education without traditional constraints. With user-friendly study materials and online resources, students can balance learning with other commitments.

Nepal Open University’s BBS aims to empower individuals with practical business skills and knowledge, fostering career growth and opportunities. Through its innovative approach, it contributes to making education more inclusive and adaptable to the needs of modern learners. Visit:-

BBS at Far-Western University

Far Western University’s BBS program offers a gateway to business education in the Western region. It equips students with fundamental business concepts, including economics, marketing, and management. With a student-centered approach, the program caters to various learning styles and schedules. Far Western University emphasizes practical skills, and nurturing well-rounded professionals.

The program fosters critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving abilities. Students benefit from experienced faculty and a supportive learning environment. The BBS program at Far Western University is a stepping stone towards promising careers in diverse industries, contributing to the region’s economic growth and development. Visit:-

20 Best BBS Colleges in Nepal: Conclusion

Hence, the above-mentioned are the top 20 BBS colleges in Nepal. Hope you find the BBS college that best fits your goal and ambition.

Let’s further look.

A List of 100 BBS Colleges in Nepal

Let’s further look at the list of 100 BBS colleges in Nepal along with their locations.

  1. Tribhuvan Multiple Campus, Palpa
  2. Triyuga Janta Multiple Campus, Udayapur
  3. Viswa Deep Multiple Campus, Kathmandu
  4. Aadikavi Bhanubhakta Campus, Tanahun
  5. Aadim National College, Kathmandu
  6. Aalamdevi Banijya Campus, Syangja
  7. Aarungkhola Multiple Campus, Nawalparasi
  8. Aastha College, Jhapa
  9. Abukhairani Campus, Tanahun
  10. Academia International College, Lalitpur
  11. Achham Multiple Campus, Achham
  12. Achievers College, Rupandehi
  13. Active Academy College, Kathmandu
  14. Adarsha Azad College, Bhaktapur
  15. Adarsha Kanya Campus, Lalitpur
  16. Adarsha Multiple Campus, Bhaktapur
  17. Adarsha Multiple Campus Dhading, Dhading
  18. Adarsha Saula College, Lalitpur
  19. Adharsheela College, Kathmandu
  20. AIMS College, Rupandehi
  21. AIMS College Biratnagar, Morang
  22. AIMS International College, Lalitpur
  23. Aishwarya Multiple Campus, Kailali
  24. Alpine College, Sunsari
  25. Amar Janashakti Multiple Campus, Chitwan
  26. Amar Jyoti Multiple Campus, Nuwakot
  27. Amar Shahid Multiple Campus, Bardiya
  28. Ambition College, Kathmandu
  29. Amity College Jhapa, Jhapa
  30. Anarmani Public Campus, Jhapa
  31. Annapurna Multiple Campus, Saptari
  32. Annapurna Multiple Campus Chitwan, Chitwan
  33. Araniko College, Sindhupalchok
  34. Argali Multiple Campus, Palpa
  35. Arunima College, Kathmandu
  36. Ashirwad College, Kathmandu
  37. Asian Byabasthapan College, Kathmandu
  38. Asian College of Higher Studies (ACHS), Lalitpur
  39. Babai Multiple Campus, Bardiya
  40. Badganga Multiple Campus, Kapilvastu
  41. Badimalika Multiple Campus, Bajura
  42. Bageshwori Academy, Banke
  43. Bageshwori Multiple Campus, Banke
  44. Bagiswori College, Bhaktapur
  45. Bagmati College, Kathmandu
  46. Baijnath Multiple Campus, Kanchanpur
  47. Bajhang Deep Campus, Bajhang
  48. Bajra International College, Kathmandu
  49. Bajura Multiple Campus, Bajura
  50. Bal Jagritee College, Kanchanpur
  51. Balaha Multiple Campus, Sunsari
  52. Balewa Paiyunpata Multiple Campus, Baglung
  53. Balkumari College, Chitwan
  54. Banepa Siddhartha College, Kavre
  55. Baneshwor Multiple Campus, Kathmandu
  56. Bansgadhi Multiple Campus, Bardiya
  57. Banshgopal Multiple Campus, Makwanpur
  58. Barahi College, Tanahun
  59. Bardibas Janta Multiple Campus, Mahottari
  60. Barun Multiple Campus, Sankhuwasabha
  61. Baruwa Campus, Udayapur
  62. Basanta Multiple Campus, Terhathum
  63. Basu College, Pokhara
  64. Belbari Multiple Campus, Morang
  65. Bhairab Multiple Campus, Palpa
  66. Bhairahawa Multiple Campus, Rupandehi
  67. Bhaktapur Multiple Campus, Bhaktapur
  68. Bhanu Multiple Campus, Kanchanpur
  69. Bhasha Campus Dhankuta, Dhankuta
  70. Bhawani Multiple Campus, Gorkha
  71. Bheemodaya Multiple Campus, Gorkha
  72. Bheri Gyanodaya Campus, Jajarkot
  73. Bhimoday Multiple Campus, Pokhara
  74. Bhojpur Multiple Campus, Bhojpur
  75. Bhuwani Shankar Multiple College, Chitwan
  76. Bidhyanilakantha Campus, Dang
  77. Certified College of Accountancy (CCA), Kathmandu
  78. Advance Academy and Republica College, Lalitpur
  79. Bhadrakali Multiple Campus, Pokhara
  80. Bhakti Adarsha Multiple Campus, Lamjung
  81. Bhanubhakta Memorial College, Kathmandu
  82. Bhanubhakta Multiple Campus, Tanahun
  83. Birendranagar Multiple Campus, Surkhet
  84. Damak Multiple Campus, Jhapa
  85. Darchula Multiple Campus, Darchula
  86. Daunedevi Multiple Campus, Nawalparasi
  87. Dhaulagiri Multiple Campus, Baglung
  88. Dhulabari Campus, Jhapa
  89. Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus, Nawalparasi
  90. Dillibazar Kanya Multiple Campus, Kathmandu
  91. Drabya Shah Multiple Campus, Gorkha
  92. Gaurishankar Multiple Campus, Dolakha
  93. Gupteshwor Mahadev Multiple Campus, Pokhara
  94. Gupteshwor Multiple Campus, Parbat
  95. Hari Khetan Multiple Campus, Parsa
  96. Jagannath Multiple Campus, Baitadi
  97. Jana Chetana Multiple Campus, Kalikot
  98. Janamukhi Aadarsha College, Nawalparasi
  99. Jiri Campus, Dolakha
  100. Jumla Multiple Campus, Jumla

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