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A List of Top 20 BBA Colleges in Nepal [2023]

After your 12th-grade completion, are you planning to pursue your BBA degree in Nepal? And, searching for the best BBA colleges in Nepal. In this article, we have covered this.

BBA Colleges in Nepal: Overview

A BBA, which stands for Bachelor of Business Administration, is a college degree that teaches you about business and management. In Nepal, this degree opens doors to many job opportunities. You learn about how businesses work, how to manage people and projects, and how to make intelligent decisions.

After getting a BBA in Nepal, you can work in various fields like marketing, finance, human resources, and more. You might become a manager, an analyst, or even start your own business.

Nepal has a growing economy, and businesses here need skilled people to help them grow. So, if you want to be part of the business world and have a chance to make things better, a BBA could be an excellent choice for you.

Top 20 BBA Colleges in Nepal

Let’s explore the top BBA colleges in Nepal – look and analyze each of the BBA colleges listed below and choose one that fits your purpose.

BBA CollegeLocation
SAIM CollegeKathmandu
Kathmandu Don Bosco CollegeKathmandu
Uniglobe CollegeKathmandu
Kathmandu University School of ManagementKathmandu
National Academy of Science and TechnologyDhangadhi
Himalayan College of ManagementKathmandu
Quest International CollegeKathmandu
Kings CollegeKathmandu
Islington CollegeKathmandu
Patan Multiple CampusLalitpur
Atharva Business CollegeKathmandu
Ace Institute of ManagementKathmandu
Mid-Western University School of ManagementSurkhet
Apollo International CollegeKathmandu
Apex CollegeLalitpur
The British CollegeKathmandu
ISMT CollegeKathmandu
Kantipur International CollegeKathmandu
Nepal College of ManagementKathmandu
Brixton CollegeKanchanpur (Mahendranagar)
Boston International CollegeKathmandu

SAIM College

At SAIM (South Asian Institute of Management) College in Kathmandu, Nepal, the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program offers top-notch education. Since its establishment in 2005, SAIM affiliated with Pokhara University, focuses on nurturing skilled managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs across South Asia. With a qualified faculty and modern facilities, students gain practical insights into various fields like marketing, finance, and more.

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SAIM’s BBA program equips students with real-world skills and knowledge for today’s job market. The college’s partnerships with industry leaders provide internships and projects, enhancing practical experience. Additionally, scholarships and financial aid make education accessible. SAIM College stands as a hub for quality education, expert faculty, and strong industry connections.

For more information, visit or contact +977-1-447474.

Kathmandu Don Bosco College

Nestled in Kathmandu, Nepal, Kathmandu Don Bosco College (KDBC) was founded in 1995. Affiliated with Purbanchal University, KDBC offers a comprehensive BBA program, a bridge to business careers. With a commitment to fostering innovation and leadership, the college equips students with a solid understanding of business concepts like finance, marketing, and management.

Guided by the motto “Creating Future Leaders with Imagination, Inspiration, Illumination & Insight,” KDBC aims to transform students into skilled global citizens. The institution’s strong industry connections, experienced faculty, and modern facilities contribute to a vibrant learning environment. For more details, visit or reach out at +977-1-4434254 or +977-9845509210.

Uniglobe College

Nestled in Kathmandu, Nepal, Uniglobe College shines as an educational hub. Offering a BBA program, it’s affiliated with Pokhara University. Uniglobe College gears up students for business success. With a dedicated faculty, it fuses practical skills and book smarts, ensuring you’re job-ready.

The college isn’t just about books; it’s about experiences. Industry meet-ups, workshops, and hands-on learning give you a head start in the real world. Modern classrooms and libraries enrich your learning journey.

Uniglobe College shapes not only careers but also characters. Personal development programs and community engagement make you an all-rounder. Join the league of successful alumni contributing to Nepal’s growth. For more, visit or call +977-1-4782122.

Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM)

At Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM), your BBA journey becomes an adventure. With affiliation to Kathmandu University, this school is a prime platform for business dreams. Imagine classrooms where theories meet practicality, preparing you for the corporate world. KUSOM isn’t just about books; it’s about honing skills that employers love. Internships, workshops, and top-notch faculty ensure you’re job-ready.

Here, growth is more than grades. Personal development programs, leadership grooming, and community initiatives shape you into a well-rounded individual. Picture a future where your BBA opens doors. KUSOM paves that path. Visit or dial +977-1-5548891 for more.

National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST Dhangadhi)

In Dhangadhi, Nepal, the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) shines as an educational beacon since 2000 AD. Linked with Pokhara University, it’s known as Dhangadi Engineering College. NAST shapes future leaders with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), fostering technical and managerial skills. Through modern facilities and dedicated faculty, it bridges theory with real-world application.

NAST pioneers in courses like Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) and Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BE Civil). It envisions empowering talents in Nepal’s western region and nurturing skilled professionals. Scholarships uplift deserving students, adding affordability to quality education. As an academic stronghold, NAST seeks to propel scientific, technical, and managerial knowledge.

For more, explore or call +977-91-521173. Embark on a journey of learning and growth.

Himalayan College of Management

Situated in the bustling heart of Kamalpokhari, the Himalayan College of Management (HCM), established in 1996, stands out among educational institutions. Offering an array of master’s and bachelor’s programs, including MBA, MIT, BBA, and BCS IT, HCM has gained prominence for its academic excellence. Recognized for its quality education and exceptional faculty, HCM prioritizes holistic growth.

HCM takes pride in its high enrollment in the esteemed MBA program. With a commitment to top-tier education, HCM creates an environment fostering learning, providing study materials, expert guidance, and a supportive setting. Focused on practical applications, we mold proactive problem solvers ready to tackle real-world challenges.

Affiliations: Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur. For more visit:-

Quest International College

Quest International College, located in Gwarko, Lalitpur, Nepal, offers an enriching BBA program. Established in 2009, the college is dedicated to delivering quality management education. With affiliations to Pokhara University, the BBA program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of business administration and management. Emphasizing practical learning, experienced faculty guide students through real-world challenges.

The college’s salient features include modern infrastructure, industry exposure, and scholarship opportunities. Quest International College nurtures future business leaders, global executives, and skilled managers, creating an ideal environment for academic and personal growth. Visit – for more.

Kings College

Experience a top-notch BBA program at Kings College in Kathmandu. Linked with Westcliff University, USA, our BBA curriculum blends theory and practical skills for real-world readiness. Our esteemed faculty fosters critical thinking and ethical decision-making. With modern facilities and industry connections, we ensure a holistic learning journey. Contact [email protected] or +977-1-4435317 to embark on a path to success.

Islington College

Experience an enriching BBA program at Islington College, located in Kathmandu. Linked with renowned international universities from the UK and Singapore, the college offers exceptional overseas degree programs. With a focus on industry-ready education, the modern approach extends beyond classrooms, nurturing leaders and entrepreneurs. Acquire technical competence and vital skills for success, guided by experienced faculty. Reach out at [email protected] or +977-1-4512929 for an inspiring academic journey.

Patan Multiple Campus

Explore the BBA program at Patan Multiple Campus, a renowned constituent campus of Tribhuvan University. Established before Tribhuvan University, it’s a leading educational hub in Lalitpur, Nepal. Spanning 27,296 sq m, the campus resides in Patan Dhoka, embracing the Newar community’s rich culture. Offering a diverse range of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Humanities, Social Sciences, Management, and Science, the campus is committed to academic excellence. Connect with them via their official website for more details. Contact Website:

Atharva Business College

Experience an exceptional BBA program at Atharva Business College, an esteemed institution dedicated to academic excellence since 2013. Located in Bansbari, Kathmandu, the college draws inspiration from the ancient Atharva Veda scripture, emphasizing comprehensive knowledge. Affiliated with Pokhara University, it offers BBA, BHM, and BHCM programs.

With experienced faculty, advanced infrastructure, internship assistance, and placement partnerships, the college ensures a well-rounded education. Choose Atharva Business College for a learning environment that fosters leadership and entrepreneurial skills, preparing you to excel in the competitive business world. For more visit:-

Ace Institute of Management

Experience excellence in management education at Ace Institute of Management, a leading institution since 1999. With two decades of expertise, Ace evolves to meet industry needs. Choose from BBA, MBA, BBA-BI, EMBA, and MBA-EP programs. The esteemed faculty fosters lifelong learning through seminars, workshops, and guest lectures. Core values like honesty and care guide Ace. Engage in business festivals, arts, sports, and social initiatives. Join student-led clubs, including the Finance and Marketing Clubs. The goal is to nurture responsible leaders and contributors to society. Affiliated with Pokhara University. Website:

Mid-Western University School of Management

Experience a modern and dynamic learning environment at the Mid-Western University School of Management (MUSOM). Whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree, MUSOM offers intellectually stimulating programs in a competitive setting. Emphasizing leadership and real-world skills, the School blends theoretical foundations with practical job market requirements.

MUSOM’s interdisciplinary approach focuses on global change and solutions through teaching, scholarship, and research. Prepare to excel as a business leader or expert manager at national, regional, and global levels. MUSOM provides innovative subjects and fosters research in management, economics, and finance. Affiliated with Mid-Western University, it’s your gateway to success in the world of Management Education. For more:-

Apollo International College

Discover quality education at Apollo International College (AIC), a leading institution founded in 2010 AD in Kathmandu, Nepal. Located in New-Baneshwor, AIC is affiliated with Pokhara University and offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking & Insurance (BBA-BI), and Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) programs.

AIC’s dedicated faculty and modern facilities promote practical learning and leadership skills. The college emphasizes extracurricular activities, practical internships, and guest lectures to prepare students for real-world challenges. Scholarships are available to support students’ academic journeys. AIC’s commitment to academic excellence, nurturing talents, and promoting holistic development makes it an ideal choice for aspiring managers and entrepreneurs. For more visit:-

Apex College

Explore Apex College, a renowned private management institution in Nepal, established in 2000. Affiliated with Pokhara University, the college boasts a diverse team of full-time and visiting faculty members who prioritize holistic development. Offering 150+ courses, Apex uses innovative methods like case studies and seminars to nurture critical thinking.

With student-led clubs and engaging events, Apex fosters leadership qualities, teamwork, and personal growth. The college’s mission is to cultivate insightful leaders through innovative education and research, emphasizing integrity, diversity, and a global perspective. Courses include Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Administration – Travel and Tourism (BBA-TT), Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI), and more. Visit for more:-

The British College

The British College Kathmandu aims to be a leading educational institution in Nepal, offering British and international qualifications. With a focus on equipping graduates for success in the global job market, it provides quality UK degrees and courses, fostering employability. Renowned for its local-to-global approach, TBC offers student exchange programs and internships with multinational companies, enhancing the academic experience.

The College delivers undergraduate and postgraduate programs awarded by UK universities, such as the University of the West of England (UWE) and Leeds Beckett University (LBU). TBC stands out for its international faculty, regular guest lecturers, and scholarship opportunities, ensuring a comprehensive global learning environment. Contact: Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal. Website:, Email: [email protected]

ISMT College

ISMT College, founded in 2011, aspires to provide internationally recognized education in Nepal. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University, ISMT offers UK degrees through partnerships with the University of Sunderland and Pearson BTEC. With a commitment to industry-relevant education, the college aims to make higher education accessible and impactful.

ISMT’s advanced facilities include air-conditioned classrooms, resourceful libraries, and computer labs. The BBA program fosters market-focused skills and qualities. Faculty members, including overseas professionals, ensure quality teaching. ISMT emphasizes inclusivity, student support, and affordable education. Contact Website:, Email: [email protected]

Kantipur International College

Kantipur International College (KIC), established in 2000, is a prominent private higher education institution in Nepal. Affiliated with Purbanchal University, it operates two campuses in Kathmandu. KIC’s diverse programs, including BBA, BHM, and B.E. Civil, offer quality education in fields like hospitality, business, and engineering.

With a dedicated faculty, modern facilities, and practical training, KIC prepares skilled professionals for various industries. Purbanchal University’s recognition adds value to its degrees. Affordable fees, industry exposure, and comprehensive courses make KIC an excellent choice for those seeking practical education and career prospects. Contact: Website:, Email: [email protected]

Nepal College of Management

Get ready for a promising business journey with a BBA at Nepal College of Management (NCM). Linked with Kathmandu University, NCM offers a top-notch business education. Since 1999, NCM has been a hub for quality management studies. Their dedicated faculty, modern resources, and industry connections prepare students for global success. Whether it’s undergrad or postgrad, NCM equips you with skills to shine in the business realm. Located in Balkumari, Lalitpur, Nepal, NCM is all about fostering ethical business leaders. Visit or email [email protected] for more info.

Brixton College

Embark on a transformative BBA journey at Brixton College, established in 2009 in Mahendranagar, Nepal. Affiliated with Pokhara University, Brixton stands as a pioneer in grooming business leaders. Through rigorous coursework, teamwork, alumni connections, and time-honored values, Brixton shapes students for success.

The BBA program spotlights judgment as a craft, honed through practice and coaching. With an emphasis on change for betterment, Brixton nurtures potential, promoting an open culture and fostering creativity. Its dynamic Placement and Training Cell, Counseling Centre, and Corporate Connectivity ensure a holistic learning experience. Choose Brixton College for an exceptional journey to a brighter business future. Visit:-

Boston International College

Discover a world of opportunities with a BBA at Boston International College. Located in Nepal, the college offers an enriching business education. Affiliated with Pokhara University, Boston International College prepares you for a successful career in business and management. Engage in practical learning, teamwork, and valuable connections with industry experts and alumni.

The BBA program emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills, shaping you into a capable professional. With a focus on global perspectives and real-world application, Boston International College equips you to excel in the dynamic business landscape. Visit:-

Tips To Choose the Right BBA College in Nepal

Choosing the best BBA college in Nepal is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your future career. Here are five key factors to consider when making your choice:

  • Accreditation and Affiliation: Ensure that the college is accredited by a recognized authority and affiliated with a reputable university. For instance, colleges affiliated with well-known universities like Pokhara University, Tribhuvan University, or Purbanchal University offer a credible academic environment.
  • Faculty Expertise: Look into the qualifications and experience of the faculty members. Experienced professors with industry exposure can provide practical insights and relevant knowledge to enhance your learning experience.
  • Curriculum and Specializations: Evaluate the curriculum and available specializations. A comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of business, along with opportunities to specialize in areas like marketing, finance, or entrepreneurship, can offer a well-rounded education.
  • Infrastructure and Facilities: Check for modern facilities like well-equipped classrooms, libraries, computer labs, and spaces for practical learning. A college with up-to-date facilities can provide a conducive learning environment.
  • Industry Connections and Placement Support: Research the college’s industry partnerships, internships, and placement records. Colleges with strong ties to the business community can offer valuable networking opportunities and better job placement prospects after graduation.

In summary, the best BBA college in Nepal should offer recognized accreditation, have experienced faculty, provide a comprehensive curriculum with specialization options, boast modern facilities, and provide solid industry connections for future career prospects. Thoroughly researching and visiting potential colleges can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your academic and career goals.

Top BBA Colleges in Nepal: Conclusion

Hence, above mentioned are the top 21 colleges for BBA in Nepal. Choose one college that best fits your ambition and start your journey in the business world.

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