Henri Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management (Explained)

Principles of Management

What are the Principles of Management? Principles of management are the basic guidelines for effectively and efficiently running the organization. They are the essence of management, applicable universally, and are the results of thorough research, observation, and practice. These principles guide managers on how to conduct activities in the workplace according to their responsibility. They … Read more

12 Primary Objectives of Management (Explained)

Objectives of Management

Objectives of Management The objective of management can be referred to as its basic goals. Primarily talking about objectives of management are the decisions, actions, and practices taken by management to bring smoothness and productivity to the organization. Management has an important role in the prosperity and progress of the business by handling the company’s … Read more

12 Importance of Management in the Organization (Explained)

Importance of Management

Importance of Management Why management is important? In this modern yet competitive business environment, the importance of management can not be ignored since every organization’s fundamental success factor is effective management. Do you know, that almost 90% of startups fail during the first five years of their operation – there are many reasons these startups … Read more

12 Characteristics of Management [Explained]

Characteristics of Management

Features/Characteristics of Management Management is a means to optimally guide men, machines, materials, money, and methods in a way that assures the accomplishment of desired goals. Management is a fundamental aspect of an organization and has various characteristics/features. The significant characteristics of management are mentioned below: Goal Focused The first characteristic of management is that … Read more